Actron Tri Capacity

The Advanced Technology of the Actron Tri Capacity

A smart commercial business will look into the benefits of a energy efficient unit like the Actron Tri Capacity. Offering substantial energy savings and the guarantee of consistent climate control, this unit is built to endure the severe Australian heat and keep buildings comfortably cooler for less. When it comes to energy efficient air conditioning for large commercial buildings, Actron Air Tri Capacity is second to none.

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Actron Air – Australia’s Leading Air Conditioners

For over 30 years, Actron Air has been developing high-quality air conditioning systems. As technology has changed, so has the company’s mission. Pushing the boundaries of what customers expect has yielded one of their most successful products, the Tri Capacity.

This machine was developed to provide maximum energy efficiency by matching the thermal load of the structure it operates in. This load is influenced by the amount of heat that nature is subjecting the building to. The average, ordinary climate control unit isn’t built to perform this way. Those units generally run at one set capacity range, fluctuating between 50% and 75% This occurs regardless of how the outdoor temperature is affecting the building. It can take a lot longer for them to get the indoor climate correct and once achieved, the units expend even more energy to keep things cool. Additionally, if the unit is failing or inadequate, the operating expenses can quickly skyrocket utility costs.

Beautifully Efficient

The Actron Tri Capacity, on the other hand, has three levels of operating capacity that allow it to keep the climate stable. Operating at either 33%, 67%, and 100% gives the unit greater climate control when the seasonal temperature shifts. These settings mean that less manual adjustments have to be made by the owner and the unit won’t be drawing excess power to meet those demands. In turn, a lowered amount of energy consumption is created which benefits the owner with decreased utility costs. The company promises a 44% increase in energy savings with their product and back this up by conducting case studies and posting the results on their website. The rooftop unit is also built to last. Its outer casing is designed to withstand severe wind and hail damage, properly protecting the fragile coils and keeping excess debris from finding its way into the working parts.

Customers who are unsure if the product is right for them need only to visit Here they will find very detailed product information as well as a downloadable brochure that details all of the features of the unit and illustrates its inner workings. Case study information as well as a contact page also exist, enabling the customer to get a full understanding of the product and put any possible doubt to rest.

The Advantages of a Tri Capacity Commercial Air Conditioner


3 Stages of Operation

Most commercial air conditioning systems operate on a fixed speed, with two stages. The system can be programmed to operate at 33 percent capacity, or 100 percent capacity, depending on the season. The ducted air system has an outside component that allows air to escape the building. A Tri Capacity system operates more efficiently, and has innovative features that cuts down on energy costs. The major difference is that it can be programmed to operate at 33 percent, 66 percent, and 100 percent. That allows for faster response times, and better control over building temperature. That third stage can save businesses a lot of money throughout the year.

More Zones

Other features in Tri Capacity Air Conditioners include more zones for better air circulation in the building. That allows temperatures to remain consistent, and keep costs down.

Vertical Exhaust Fans

The outside air flow is directed up and away from the unit, rather than just out like traditional systems. That prevents exhaust air from getting back into the system. Units operate more efficiently, and require less maintenance and repairs than traditional units.

System KW Size Options

Units are available in sizes that range from forty-two to seventy kilowatts to accommodate businesses of different sizes.

Actron Tri Capacity Efficiency Comparison Chart

Actron Tri Capacity Efficiency Comparison Chart


Recent Case Study on Tri Capacity

A recent case study was completed by an independent company in two large retail stores in Brisbane. One store used a traditional system, while one used a Actron Tri Capacity system. The results indicate that the newer system was more consistent, and provided a more comfortable environment than the traditional units. It also proved to cut down on energy costs, saving the retailer a total of thirty-seven percent off the costs from the previous year. The kilowatt hours used at the retail store with the traditional unit was well over one-hundred thousand, while the kilowatt hours used by the tri capacity unit was just over seventy-thousand. That translated into tens of thousands of dollars. Savings also added up quickly due to zero repairs needed during that time, and very few maintenance costs. The tri capacity system was developed over the past fifteen years by an experienced Australian company that specialises in building and creating systems to withstand the demanding Australian climate.

The advantages include better air quality, more consistency, and a more comfortable environment for employees and customers. Cost savings advantages are realised in utility bills, maintenance hours, and repairs costs. Those savings will be enjoyed year after year due to the advanced technology used in developing the newer system. Business owners can do their own cost comparisons, and decide which units to use when it is time to replace their current ones. If the current system is an older one, it may be cost-effective to switch to the tri capacity system sooner.

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