ESP Platinum Air Conditioners

The ESP Platinum – Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

As each year passes homeowners are paying more for energy. As that monthly bill comes homeowners dread it more and more with each passing month. With higher temperatures approaching that dread grows more. It seems like no matter how high the thermostat is set the bill never gets lower. The money being spent on monthly energy costs could be going to much more useful things such as home improvements. Instead, money is being thrown away on ridiculously expensive cooling costs. Homeowners don’t have to worry about wasting money on cooling their home anymore. With a newer, more efficient AC unit they could be saving as much as sixty percent on their energy bill.

Make the most of Your ESP Platinum Air Con System


There are several ways to save on energy costs other than buying a new ESP Platinum AC unit. Proper insulation goes a long way towards energy savings. When a home is cool and there are gaps in the walls or insulation allowing the air to escape it’s called thermal leakage. When the cool air escapes the temperature of the home rises, causing the AC unit to work harder. This means that energy is being wasted trying to keep a home cool when there’s no use. The answer is to have the gaps filled with high-quality insulation.


Scheduled service visits for the AC unit can also help improve efficiency and performance. Throughout the years of use the average air conditioner unit is put through quite a lot of stress. This stress could cause mechanical errors and even faults in the wiring. These issues can cause the unit to work much harder than it needs to, or cause it to stop working completely. Scheduled service visits help prevent these issues and keep the unit working longer. The homeowner will save on monthly energy costs and get more out of their investment.


Regular maintenance will help the unit last longer, but nothing lasts forever. It’s important to be appraised of the overall condition of the unit in order to be prepared when it comes time to purchase a new one. This makes the purchase much more manageable for most homeowners. Homeowners should talk with their local service provider for detailed information about prices for installation and which kind of unit to buy for the home. There are many different models to choose from, and efficiency is everything when it comes to keeping a home cool. Models such as the Actron ESP Platinum are known to be much more efficient than traditional models.


A newer air conditioner unit can be up to seventy-five percent more efficient. For the average homeowner, that’s a savings of over one hundred dollars per month.These savings could be going towards more home improvements and better appliances to save even more money on monthly energy bills. All it takes is a quick phone call or email to a local service provider to schedule a consultation and get started saving money. Homeowners can find more detailed information about the ESP air conditioner on the manufacturer’s website or brochure by contacting Infiniti Air today.

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