ESP Plus Air Conditioners

ESP Plus Ducted Air Conditioning

Actron Air’s ESP Plus Ducted Air Conditioners are built for the harsh Australian climate. With award winning inverter fan technology, these systems can save you up to 60% in running costs year in year out. That can equate to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system. It is the result of clever design features built with the Australian climate in mind.

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The Best ESP Plus Prices in Perth

As dedicated Actron Air Installers, we can provide better prices for your ESP Plus system than other Perth air conditioning companies. That means you not only get the benefit of the service and experience of an Actron dedicated team, you also get the best pricing on that system. Just how much can you save on ESP Plus? Contact Infiniti Air today to find out and get a free quote.

Save Money on Monthly Energy Costs With ESP Plus Air Conditioners

Cooling appliances are among the most expensive appliances in a home. Throughout the year everyone in the family expects to be comfortable. Most homeowners simply set the thermostat and forget it. A monthly energy bill comes, and that’s expected. Those bills get a little higher every summer, which is also expected. The price of energy rises and the monthly energy bill gets a little higher. After a few years, a homeowner might be spending half again what they used to in order to keep their home comfortable. As the monthly bills gets higher and higher homeowners don’t have much choice but to pay.

Do you love efficiency? Do you love saving money? Combining your ESP Plus system with these helpful energy saving tips can significantly reduce your energy consumption while maintaining comfort within your home.

Get Your ESP Plus System Periodically Serviced

There are a few ways to save on cooling costs. One of the best ways is to call a local service provider to schedule service visits. These visits can help assure the AC unit is running properly and efficiently. Duct inspections and repairs go a long way towards improving the effectiveness of an AC unit. With ESP Plus Air Conditioning the savings on energy costs will more than make up for the cost of the unit.

Consider Roof Insulation

Energy savings are a great way to save money on a home in the long run. Money that might be wasted on energy could be spent maintaining the home. Proper insulation would be a wise investment for any homeowner. Not only will the new AC unit save money, proper insulation will help the unit work better and save even more money.Insulation prevents thermal leakage and keeps a home cooling after the AC unit has dropped the temperature. These savings add up over time, and could result in quite a bit more money being invested in more important parts of the home.

Choose a Dedicated Team of ESP Plus Installers

When it comes to installing a new ESP Plus air conditioning unit it’s best to call a qualified professional. Installing an AC unit without proper training or tools can be dangerous and lead to very expensive mistakes. When the unit isn’t’ installed properly it isn’t going to work properly. This could lead to higher energy bills and less efficient performance. Wiring and ducts are more complicated than they seem and need to be installed with care and precision. As dedicated ESP Plus Air Conditioner installers, we know how to maximise efficiency.

Contact Infiniti Air Today – Your Perth ESP Plus Specialists

An ESP air conditioner runs sixty percent more efficiently than some other brands. This translates to big savings throughout the summer months. Single room models are available as well as whole home cooling units. For more information about the Actron ESP Plus contact Infiniti Air Perth today. A consultation with a local service provider is recommended before making any purchase decisions regarding a new AC unit.

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