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Absolute control at your fingertips

Actron Que is an advanced control technology for Actron Air’s range of ducted air conditioners. The technology, which comes with colour touchscreen controls took two years to develop. It provides users a convenient and effortless way to operate air conditioning equipment remotely or at home using a smartphone or tablet device. It comes as no surprise that the new release is already the recipient of the Australian Good Design Award.

Actron Que

Features and Benefits

QUE is the most advanced integrated home air conditioning control platform yet. QUE’s high quality components, sleek modern design, and easy to use interface brings home air conditioning controls into the 21st century.

Modern design

QUE features a beautiful, timeless design that has been specifically developed to match well with a variety of wall colours and textures. Using noble materials like anodized aluminium and brushed stainless steel, it also feels as good as it looks. And with your choice of black or white, you can mix and match to suit every décor.

Latest technology

5.7″, 1080×720 pixel, full colour touch screen is comparable to the latest in smart phone technology, delivering crisp and clear visuals. And thanks to its powerful dual core processor with 1GB RAM, QUE also delivers lightning fast performance, with its smart logic allowing it to automatically adjust to deliver the best comfort with the minimum of energy.

Connect to comfort

With QUE Connect, you are able to control your system from anywhere – in your car, on the couch, at the office – all you need is an internet-connected the mobile device, and a Wi-Fi internet connection synced to your QUE system.

Energy History

The Energy History feature allows you to easily monitor the historical energy usage of your system, making it easy for you to check on how your system has been performing.


Featuring an easy to use interface, it allows you to program the system to automatically run only when you want it to. You can easily select between your entire system, or just the individual zones you want to use.

Master Timer

If your comfort needs are simpler than those who use the Schedule function, the Master Timer is perfect for you. Think of it as a simple countdown function. Once the countdown is complete, the whole system (or selected zones) then simply turn on or off.


Zoning should be flexible enough to suit how you use your house. So QUE is designed to ensure that you could pick and choose what type of zoning works for you in each zone of your house.

Meet the whole QUE family

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

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Infiniti Air – Actron Award Winners 2017

Our team at Infiniti Air are very proud to announce that we have taken out the Number 1 Actron Dealer for WA Award AND are the Number 1 Actron Dealer for Actron Que Australia Wide.


No. 1 Actron Dealer for WA Award


No. 1 Actron Dealer for Actron Que Australia Wide

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