Installation (that makes your life easier)

Air Conditioning Installation

As part of the Infiniti Group, we enjoy the in-house support of two complementary trades:

✓ Infiniti Gas
✓ Infiniti Plumbing

This means you’ll enjoy all the advantages of having your entire solution completed by Infiniti experts who are all on the same page (not smoko breaks).

Like arriving onsite at the same time, so we can wrap up your job in a day.
Making sure your system is wired up properly, with neat terminals and gas pipes.
Taking the time to set up and balance the system to ensure the right amount of airflow goes to the right room.
Lining up the ceiling vents so they look immaculate.
Not leaving until we’ve tidied up after ourselves (properly!).

You know – all those little things that show we genuinely care about your end result. Sure it takes extra time and effort, but we believe in getting it right the first time.

After all, it makes your life easier.

Unit installation
Already purchased an air-conditioning unit? We’ll work with you to install it with precision, then provide expert service and maintenance to ensure it continues to operate at its peak.

DIY installation assistance
It is now possible to install air-conditioning systems yourself with DIY installation kits. However, you will still require a licensed electrician or plumber to coordinate the technical aspects. Ask Infiniti Air about how we can help.

Come visit the Infiniti Air showroom in Malaga and talk to us about what you’re looking for in an air solution.