We care about your air

Air Conditioning Service

Imagine this. Your air-conditioner is installed, running like a dream. But as time passes, something happens. You notice your back sticking to the leather sofa in summer a little more every year. Suddenly the kids aren’t feeling too flash. What’s going on?

When you don’t maintain your air solution, performance levels eventually drop as moisture and mould builds up. And what your air-con breathes out, you breathe in.

Infiniti Air is highly experienced in troubleshooting poorly performing air-conditioning systems, and can service and repair yours to ensure it performs effectively and efficiently, endlessly. We’re strongly familiar with most brands of wall mounted split system, ducted and evaporative air-conditioner brands, including:

• Actron Air Australia
• Panasonic
• Samsung
• Fujitsu
• Daikin.

Engas Regas Solutions

Failing heating and cooling performance is sometimes attributed to a gas problem. Infiniti Air’s experts can regas your system using Engas – a natural, non-toxic hydrocarbon refrigerant with a minimal carbon footprint for an effective, environmentally friendly solution.

Come visit the Infiniti Air showroom in Malaga and ask about servicing your air-conditioning system today.