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We’re distinguished as Perth’s leaders in air conditioning installation. With over two decades experience, we’re genuinely proud to offer the most efficient, innovative, highly advanced, long lasting, and high-performance air conditioner solutions that will leave you in endless comfort in Western Australia’s extreme climate with just a click of a button. Wherever you are inside your house, or even on the outside, for instance, you are driving back home from work – you can still have full control over your air conditioners by merely clicking a button. Thank you to the most intelligent and smartest technology – specifically Actron Air for helping Australian lives a lot comfortable by providing excellent air con solutions.

Whether you’re looking for an air conditioner for a single room, multi-room or whole home, we can handle all your needs. We supply, install, repair, service and maintain most types of air conditioners. We exclusively provide Actron Air though we’re highly knowledgeable with most aircon brands.

As exclusive Actron Air dealers, we can design a solution that’s up to 75% more efficient than other systems, saving you a staggering $4,500 on your power bill in five years time.

If you’re looking to save more money on your air conditioners, feel free to browse our year-round air con specials here. If you’re interested in an interest free-finance option, we also have a specific deal that you can consider. Find out more about our interest-free finance offer today!

Our Residential Air Con Solutions

For a single room, serene is the best option you can get. It offers comfort, warm and cozy experience during winter, and summer. It is designed to withstand Australia’s climate.

On multiroom, we recommend Multi-split system. This type of air con has the capacity to run up to five indoor units through a single outdoor unit. Pretty smart as it can save not only space but also energy.

If you’re looking for a specific air condition to suit your family’s requirements, we can help! Provide the comfort your family truly deserves with our whole home air con units.

We are Actron Air’s No 1, dealer in WA for three consecutive years now. We’re all about finding the best solution for your needs. So if you want to ensure comfortable living in both winter and summer, make us your first choice!

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Fast installation of most efficient, innovative and high-performance air
conditioners in Western Australia.



We offer up to 10 years warranty on installation and workmanship.



WA's most energy efficient conditioners - Guaranteed! By only using Australian designed and made products. All the trades are in-house, no sub-contractors.



We’re competitively priced in the market and we highly regard the service and after care that we provide.



We have a showroom which allows us to offer the best ActronAir system/solution for every situation. We also provide quick, easy and hassle-free air con installation, repair, service and maintenance.


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