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Large Commercial Air Conditioning

Big on performance, big on thinking
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Large Commercial Air Conditioning Perth

The most advanced, energy-efficient packaged unit ever made in Australia. Hercules is the first packaged system to have twin inverter compressors, it’s big in lots of ways. Rated to a superior operating range, Hercules can handle the most extreme conditions Australia can throw at it, designed for large spaces such as warehouse stores, shopping centres, airport terminals, and car showrooms. But along with all that brawn comes some very brainy energy efficient thinking.


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Key Benefits of Hercules Air Conditioning System

Easy installation & configuration

Hercules provides enough flexibility to suit most applications. Various features like multiple handing options, container transportable for ease of transit, flexible ductwork connections, structurally enhanced detached base, factory fitted lockable 3-phase load break isolation switch, and the ability for outside air to be introduced manually or automatically are all enough to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).


Big, better, best

Hercules delivers the highest energy efficiency in its class, with an IEER of 4.29. In fact, Hercules is over 42% more efficient than the minimum BCA compliant system. If you are looking for the best air condition with optimum flexibility, then Hercules is right for you!

Enhanced energy efficiency through modern technology

A modernized first, Hercules has two adjustable speed compressors that closely level the thermal load requirements of a building. With a system turndown ratio of 4:1, the capacity can be adjusted accurately down to 25%. Both compressors instantaneously ramp up and down to retain temperatures while minimising energy utilization, and at low part load conditions, runtime equalization occurs.

High-efficiency EC Fan technology

Hercules applies an EC Plug indoor fan to deliver exact airflow requirements while decreasing power usage as well. Ec Plug Fan technology is up to 50% more cost-effective than traditional forward curve belt and pulley systems. To be able to produce improved performance and efficiency compared to AC technology Hercules uses EC outside fans.

FREE Report: 5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing Air Conditioner In Perth

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