Ducted Air Conditioning

We’re specialists in ducted air conditioning. Combined with reverse cycle air conditioning technology, ducted air conditioning is a great way to have complete control over the temperature in each room of your home or office in summer and winter.

Whether you’re looking for your home or a commercial application, ducted air conditioning is typically lower maintenance, costs less to run and offers more control and comfort when compared with single or split system units.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning and why is it better?

This type of air-conditioning works through a system of ducts, or vents, that are capable of both heating and cooling a property. Temperatures can be easily tailored so you can heat or cool your property to whatever temperature you desire.

Unlike conventional split simple or single unit air conditioning systems that may only be capable of managing temperatures within one or two rooms, ducted air conditioning is able to distribute hot or cool air throughout any number of rooms inside to reach your chosen comfortable temperature.

Typically a ducted air conditioning system is more efficient and costs less to run than multiple single split systems as its more efficient at regulating temperatures in larger areas.

Ducted aircon is widely lauded as smart energy technology because it’s effectively a temperature control system that can be easily managed on both residential and commercial properties of all sizes. Its capabilities are perfect to tackle the harsh seasons of Australia, and thereby allow you to feel comfortable within your home, no matter what weather is brewing outdoors.

Actron Air – Designed for the harsh Australian Climate

The most efficient systems on the Australian market are made by Actron Air. They’re designed to work in the harsh Australian climate and the hot summer sun and their smart energy zoning technology offer significant savings over competing products.

Why Choose Us?

We’re specialists in both residential and commercial air conditioning systems and our team are fully qualified, experienced and licensed.

We use only high quality, Australian-made products designed to operate in the harsh Australian climate and offer a 10-year warranty on installation and workmanship. to ensure the reliability of your system installation and maintenance. We are also able to schedule services at your convenience and can provide you with a free on-site quote within 48 hours.

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FREE Report: 5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing Air Conditioning In Perth

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We have a showroom and offer an ActronAir system/solution for every situation.

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