Multi Room Air Conditioners

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MultiElite Air Conditioner – Keeps Every Room Cool

When there are more than one room and more than one configuration to consider, the MultiElite simply provides more solutions to meet your needs. Its multi-split system allows you to run up to five indoor units through a single outdoor unit. That’s smart because it can save not only space but also energy.

And while its powerful enough to keep the whole home in air-conditioned comfort, MultiElite’s DC inverter can also ramp right down to power a single room. It also allows you to pick the best solution for specific rooms, whether it’s a concealed bulkhead system or the ever popular wall mounted systems.

Multi Room
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Key Benefits of Multi Room Air Conditioning

Engineered with a superior operating range from -25ºC to 50ºC, and a host of innovative features, ActronAir’s MultiElite multi split system is engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions Australia can throw at it.

  • Different temperatures for each room

    In a multiple room environment, not everybody prefers temperature that is the same. MultiElite allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms at the same time.

  • Convenience, choice and cost cutting

    The MultiElite has outdoor capacities ranging from 5kW to 14kW. The 5kW can connect up to 2 heads while the 14kW can connect up to 5 heads. These all connect to a single outdoor unit allowing for a better use of energy and space.

  • Impressive efficiency and performance

    The MultiElite system uses ultra-energy-efficient DC, or direct current, inverter technology in its inverter compressor, indoor fans and outdoor fans. This can make a significant difference to your electricity bill.

  • Quiet mode

    For a good night’s sleep, or if you simply seek silence, the MultiElite system has a quiet mode (on Serene range) that reduces noise to a whisper-quiet level (between 20 and 30 decibels).

  • Auto-restart

    Blackout? No problem. MultiElite’s auto-restart function means it restarts automatically in its last programmed setting once power is restored, which means you don’t have to spend unnecessary time reprogramming your system.

  • Coated Coil Protection

    The MultiElite uses blue fin epoxy coated protection on its indoor and outdoor coils, which reduces corrosion from the harsh Australian conditions as well as assists in the defrosting process, which improves its heating efficiency.

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