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What is it?

Evaporative cooling systems are a popular form of air conditioning which use the process of evaporation to cool rooms.

How Does it Work?

Water is circulated through the system and evaporates as it takes energy from the warm air. This cools down the air but also increases humidity (the amount of water in the air).

Because there is a limit to how much water the air can hold, evaporative air conditioning systems work best when your room starts with a low humidity (a low amount of water in the air). The higher the humidity of the air in your room, the less effective the system is.

Additionally, evaporative systems requires a source of ventilation and work best when outside windows or doors are left open to allow fresh air to enter the house.

Evaporative, Ducted or Split System Air Conditioning?

Evaporative air conditioning systems are just one option, other popular options include ducted systems and split system air conditioning systems.

Why Evaporative Air Conditioning?

Evaporative air conditioning systems have three main advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Air Conditioning – They require far less electricity than other methods of air conditioning. They do also require water, but in most cases, the cost-per-hour will still be as much as 80% lower or more.
  • Reduced Initial Costs – They are mechanically simpler and therefore cheaper, which means you can get air conditioning installed for less.
  • Great for Ventilation – They help move fresh air around the building more effectively.

And several disadvantages:

  • Poor Performance in High Humidity – The more humid the conditions, the less the system is able to cool down the air. This makes them unreliable in some situations.
  • Greater Need for Maintenance – Evaporative systems require more maintenance than other systems.
  • Use Huge Amounts of Water – It is possible to use up to 100 litres of water per hour..

Evaporative Air Conditioning vs Split-System Air Conditioning

A split-system air conditioner has part of the system outside the building and part inside the room, which helps to keep heat outside the building.

Compared to an evaporative system, split-system air conditioning provides superior cooling regardless of the humidity, although at an increased installation cost. Additionally, there’s no need for extra ventilation, so you don’t have to keep windows and doors open.

Split-systems are ideal for zoning and for smaller properties where ducted air conditioning is not an option, although with a higher aesthetic impact than ducted systems.

Evaporative Air Conditioning vs Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system is similar to a split system, except that the entire cooling system is concealed in a hard-to-see area (often in the roof space) and cool air is directed to different areas of the property using ducts.

Compared to an evaporative system, a ducted air conditioning system is significantly less obtrusive and far better for cooling an entire building – it’s easy to maintain the same temperature across the entire property with just one control system. It is also more effective in humid environments and doesn’t use water (although electricity costs will be higher).

The main disadvantages to using a ducted system is that the initial installation costs more and the space requirement for fitting the required ducting can limit your options.

What Are The Running Costs?

The running costs for evaporative air conditioning systems depend upon both the cost of electricity and the cost of water and so may vary according to the time of day.

For example, an evaporative cooling system with a 0.75kW fan and a need for 80 litres of water will cost $0.225 per hour for electricity (at $0.30 per kW hour) plus $0.26 per hour for water (at $3.25 per kL). The combined cost is approximately $0.49 per hour.

Installing Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems

We have more than 21 years’ experience and are experts at installing a wide range of systems. To find out more about our installing services go here.

Service and Maintenance

Typically, evaporative air conditioning systems require slightly more maintenance than other types of air conditioning system. We recommend users have their systems serviced regularly to ensure they run at optimum efficiency.

We repair and maintain a wide range of air conditioning brands, including Samsung, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Daikin air conditioning systems.

Our Recommendation

Although evaporative air conditioning systems offer a low-cost solution to air conditioning, their reliance on low humidity makes them unreliable. Additionally, Perth’s dry climate means it is better to use a system that is less reliant on consuming large quantities of water (as much as 100 litres per hour).

Because of this, we don’t currently sell evaporative air conditioning systems, and instead recommend our customers opt for either ducted or split system air conditioning systems as a more reliable way of cooling their home, office, or business.

We are dealers for Actron Air, who specialize in producing high-performance coolers that are perfect for Australia’s hot climate. They offer the most energy efficient systems on the market today. We offer single-room , multi-room , and whole-home air conditioning solutions, and serve both residential and commercial clients.

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