Exceptional Efficiency. Endless Comfort.

Residential Air Conditioning

In today’s world, our energy needs have never been greater. Flatscreens, tablets, smartphones, appliances – we need to find ways to stop the meter spinning. And not just to bring those skyrocketing power bills down to Earth – we all have a responsibility to drop a few sizes in our carbon footprint too.

So if you’re considering a new or upgraded air-conditioning system, talk to Infiniti Air. We’re proud to offer Perth the most efficient, high performance air solutions that will leave you in endless comfort in Perth’s extreme climate.

As exclusive Actron Air dealers, we can design a solution that’s up to 60% more efficient than other systems, saving you a staggering $900 on your power bill every year.

And with a vast product knowledge of other brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG, we’re best placed to advise you on the best possible air-conditioning unit for your situation and budget.

Come visit the Infiniti Air showroom in Malaga and talk to us about what you’re looking for in a home air solution.