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We’ll Keep Your Reverse Cycle System Work Efficiently Throughout the Years

Like any other machine, your reverse-cycle air conditioner will suffer from wear and tear after continued use. This wear-and-tear will slowly reduce the efficiency of your unit and, over time, small issues will progress into expensive problems. No air conditioner lasts forever, but you can significantly extend the life of yours by investing in regular servicing.

How Often Should My Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

We recommend that all air conditioners be serviced at least once every 12 months. However, for reverse-cycle air conditioners, it’s not unusual to service twice a year.


Simple – a reverse-cycle air conditioner can both cool and heat your home; that means its working twice as hard as most other air conditioners that just provide cooling. Twice as much use equals twice as much wear-and-tear.

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Servicing Is An Investment That Saves You Money

Skipping or putting off servicing to save money is a false economy. Small problems, left unattended, can become huge money-sinks. The cost of servicing looks like pocket-money when you compare it with the cost of replacing a major part.

By investing in regular maintenance, you also put off having to invest in a full replacement. Reverse-cycle air conditioners can cost thousands of dollars, so the more life you can get out of yours before replacing, the better.

Finally, some small issues may reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, even if they don’t stop it working entirely. When you’re using your system a lot, these small inefficiencies translate into noticeably higher bills.

The Importance of Cleaning The Filters On Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

It’s not all down to your servicing engineer – there are also steps you can take to ensure your air conditioner is working well. Chief among these is regularly checking and cleaning (or replacing, if needed) the filters in your air conditioner. These filters capture dust entering your system – but they can only hold so much. When these filters get filled up, dust starts getting into your system. This affects air quality, can drastically reduce the efficiency of your system, and can lead to more serious problems over time.

We recommend you clean or replace the filters at least every two months.

3 Signs Your Filter Needs Cleaning or Changing

When a filter gets clogged, it affects the quality of the air coming out of your system. If you leave it too long, you’ll start to experience one or more of the following problems:

  • Dusty Smell – The dust in your system gets pushed around the room by your AC; when this happens, you’ll probably detect a dusty smell every time you use the unit.
  • Allergy Flareups – Extra dust pumped into your air is bad for allergy sufferers. Additionally, the build-up of dust in the system could attract dust mites.
  • Dusty Marks – When your AC blows dusty air out you’ll start to see unsightly marks on the wall around it where the dust is deposited.

Cleaning or Changing Your Filter

Often, you’ll be able to access the filter and clean it using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you’ve left it too long or the filter is old, it may need replacing. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning or changing your filters (including ordering the right filter for your model); failing to do so could void your warranty or damage your system.

If you’re not sure how to change your filter correctly, book a service and ask the engineer to show you.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs a Service

The following are signs that your reverse-cycle air conditioner requires an immediate service. These are problems to look out for in-between your regular services – we do not recommend getting into the habit of waiting until you spot a problem before booking a service.

You should look out for:

  • Increased Bills – Electricity bill jumped by 50%? It could be a problem with your air conditioner increasing energy usage.
  • Reduced Airflow – This is either the filters, a blockage somewhere in your system, or a problem with your compressor. Check the first yourself, then call an engineer.
  • Leaks – An obvious leak, particularly inside the house, is a sign of a serious problem. Stop using the unit and call an engineer immediately.
  • Strange Noises and Smells – You should be familiar with how your unit sounds (low hum) and smells (not at all). If you notice a change, it means something has changed in your air conditioning.
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