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We’re Perth’s Leading Supplier & Installer of Split System

Infiniti air is one of the leading supplier and installer of Split System Air Conditioning in Perth. We provide free quotes within 48 hours, plus 10-year warranty on installation and workmanship.

What is Split System Air Conditioner?
A split-system air conditioner is a type of air conditioning system that has two parts – one inside the house and one outside. The idea is that the outside unit holds all the elements that get hot while the inside unit contains the parts which are cool, like the blower. This ‘split’ helps ensure that heat is kept outside of the building and makes the system more efficient.

How Does a Split-System Air Conditioning Solutions Work?
A split-system air conditioner uses gas as a refrigerant. It is compressed, cooled and used to reduce the temperature of the warm air which enters the system from the room. The now cooled air is then sent back into the room by the system’s fan. The system continues to cool the air until the entire room meets the desired temperature set by the thermostat.

Why Buy Split-System Air Conditioners in Perth?
There are considerable benefits to using a split-system air conditioner over a ducted system or an evaporative air conditioning system, and some of them are:

  • Targeted cooling increase efficiency – installing multiple indoor units enables users to choose which rooms they cool. Thus you’ll save electricity on rooms or zones that don’t need to cool.
  • Heat stays outside – The split system prevents heat escaping into the room and counteracting the air conditioning.
  • Reduced energy costs – unlike ducted systems, where there is a vast opportunity for heat to escape, split systems lose very little heat, and this increases efficiency and lowers cost.
  • Large compressor cools a more extensive area – window units and other similar air conditioning systems are limited by their compressor size while split systems can have a huge compressor that can cool bigger rooms or even multiple rooms.

What Product Options Are Available for Split System?
There’s a whole range of split-system air conditioners available on the market in Perth. As with most items, you get what you pay for. Please note that cheaper systems break more often and are less efficient.With Infiniti Air, we like to stock the best products for our customers, and in the case of split-system air conditioning, we only recommend Actron Air Conditioning systems as their products are built, designed and engineered to withstand Australia’s climate. Other reasons why we stick to Actron Air’s airconditioning system are:

  • Efficient than competing systems
  • Look fantastic, and allow users to control their desired temperatures precisely on a click of a button
  • Australian-made and perfect for Australia’s hot climate
  • Have the most excellent temperature-operating range on the market
  • Guaranteed to be the most energy-efficient air conditioners in Perth

Split system air conditioners we provide to our Perth clients include a single-room split system, multi-room split system, and whole-home air conditioning solutions.

How Much Does Split-System Air Conditioning Cost to Install?
The cost of split system installation will depend mainly on the following:

  • On the type of split system you choose
  • The areas you want to have an air conditioner installed
  • Tthe capacity you require,
  • The work needed to deliver and install your selected air con unit

We have more than 21 years’ experience installing air conditioning systems and have a reputation for putting in the extra time and effort to ensure that every installation not only works great but looks immaculate too.

To find out more about split system installation costs, please contact us about our FREE on-site quotes within 48 hours.

What Are The Running Costs for Split-System Air Conditioning?
The cost of running your unit will depend upon the size of the unit and the price you pay for your electricity. Depending on your agreement with your electricity provider, your costs may change depending on the time of day.

For example, a 2.6kW Serene system by Actron Air and an electricity price of $0.50 per kW hour would result in running costs of $1.30 per hour. Larger systems will cost comparatively more:

Off-Peak Cost (Example rate of 14 cents per kWh)Peak Cost (Example rate of 50 cents per kWh)
2.6kW Serene$0.36 per hour$1.30 per hour
5.0 kW Serene$0.70 per hour$2.50 per hour
14.0 kW MultiElite (up to 5 rooms)$1.96 per hour$7.00 per hour

Does Split-System Air Conditioning Come With a Warranty or Guarantee?
We endorse the standard Actron Air warranties, and ramp them up by guaranteeing our precision installation:

  • Five years’ warranty on parts & labour
  • Five years’ warranty on zones & labour
  • Two years’ warranty on Wi-Fi
  • Ten years’ warranty on workmanship
  • Our personal guarantee that we offer Perth’s most efficient air conditioning

How Quickly Can I Arrange Installation?
Your first step is to get a quote – a free service we can offer within 48 hours: Get your FREE quote now.

Installing Split-System Air Conditioning
We are experts at installing air conditioning systems. Before they leave, our engineers ensure that all wiring is correct and neat, the system is balanced to ensure the right amount of airflow for each room, and that every part of the system looks immaculate and tidy.

We can also help you with your DIY installation; our plumbers and electricians can add their expertise to your project and make sure your system is legal, safe, and working efficiently.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Split-System Air Conditioning
Actron Air units have automated cleaning processes which help to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring and reduce maintenance costs. We recommend users have their system serviced once per year to ensure optimum efficiency and to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We repair and maintain most other brands, including both commercial and residential installations of Panasonic, Samsung, Fujitsu, and Daikin air conditioners.

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